Software Development

dsread: A command-line utility for working with SAS7BDAT files.
DsShell: A Windows shell extension for working with SAS7BDAT files.
DsView: A SAS7BDAT dataset viewer for Windows.
Updated: Elvis: A SAS® log viewer and analyser. A must-have for all developers and users of complex SAS programs.

QCD: A 1990s vintage DOS directory changer utility that's still useful today.

Scroller: A Windows screensaver that scrolls the content of any web page or HTML file up the screen.
Marquee Plus: A network-enabled Windows screensaver that allows you to share your message with other users on your network.
Doshometer: An animated Windows program that keeps track of your earnings on a second-by-second basis.
Four Forces: A Windows application for pilots: explore the "four forces" that keep an aeroplane in the air.

Web Development

QuizBang: The quiz question database anyone can edit.
Get the QuizBang widget for your own website:

SAS programming

SAS tips, tricks and techniques: Some insights from 20 years of professional SAS programming in the pharmaceutical industry.
The SAS7BDAT file format: Notes on the SAS dataset file format.
SAS transport file format: C++ code for reading SAS transport files.

A blog!

Build a Rocking Horse: Something completely different: a blog about how I built a kit rocking horse as a Christmas present for my daughters.