Registering dsread

Thanks for registering! Here's how to make sure that dsread finds your registration details, giving you all its unrestricted power.

You should have received a confirmation email from our payment partner that contains your registration name and a numeric key, like this:

We generated the following license key and sent it to the user: Username: Chris Long Key: 123456

For dsread to find these details, they must be stored in a plain text file named 'dsread_registration.txt' located in your Documents folder. This will normally be C:\Users\<username>\Documents, but might vary depending on how your computer is set up.

To verify where you should save the file, you can run 'dsread /?' and check the last few lines, which will look like:, 2010-2020. Registration file (C:\Users\Chris\Documents\dsread_registration.txt) not found. Unregistered - options marked * are unavailable.

Simply copy and paste the two lines containing your username and registration key into Notepad or another text editor and save it as 'dsread_registration.txt' in the relevant folder. The file should look like this:

Username: Chris Long Key: 123456

Your copy of dsread is now registered, and you can re-run the 'dsread /?' command to confirm:, 2010-2020. Registered to Chris Long

Thanks again for registering dsread and we hope that you enjoy using it!