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Fast, beautiful and feature-rich data viewer for SAS7BDAT files.

Coming soon...

Postby Chris Long » Tue May 27, 2014 3:52 pm

I'm pleased to annouce that version 0.1 of DsView will be made available later this week. This will be a beta release, which means that it's an initial version incorporating the key functionality required in a SAS7BDAT dataset viewer, but it may be a little buggy and it may lack some features that you consider important (if so, be sure to let me know!). DsView has been tested on a representative range of Windows versions and dataset files, but having many users working with it on a much wider range of computers and datasets will be very important in ironing out any initial teething problems.

Please note: the beta versions all incorporate usage logging which will upload usage data to Oceanview's server on a roughly weekly basis. This is completely anonymous and does not include any of your data beyond the names of the datasets that you view. It does include some internal dataset metadata, such as the originating platform, number of variables, number of observations, file size, etc - this information is important to understand the typical size of datasets that DsView will be working with, which in turn will be important for performance tuning, etc. If you object to this usage logging, you should not use the beta versions of DsView.

Here are some screenshots of what you can expect to see later this week:

Viewing a dataset, including a 'column information' tool tip:


The filtering menu, giving counts and percentages for each value in the column:


This view is 'grouped' on COUNTY, which causes each group of records with a distinct value (59, 35, 59, 35, 41, etc) to have a different background colour. Grouping will automatically be enabled on the USUBJID column, if the dataset has one, but this is configurable, of course:


The dataset contents can be viewed in a separate window with all the same functionality as the main data viewer:


As can the dataset's internal metadata:


(The eagle-eyed may notice that the contents and metadata views are a little buggy but this will be fixed before the 0.1 release).

I hope you'll agree that DsView has a lot of promise as a great way to view your SAS7BDAT datasets - any and all feedback is welcomed, please join the forums and comment, or even just send me an email.


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